Beauty and the Beast

I am not exactly athletic but something I truly enjoy is walking. So while my friends opt for gym memberships I walk 4-5 km a day to keep healthy (no I do not own a fibit so you'll never know for sure :p). But the point is I love taking in the world around me at... Continue Reading →



I don’t remember how long I had sat there, The concrete wall against the curve of my spine. Its unyielding strength like a lover’s embrace, I had gazed unseeingly at the distant lights. “Are you even listening?” He had demanded peevishly. I had nodded absently and glanced down At the frayed hem of my black... Continue Reading →


My mum misses the house she grew up in. It has been almost ten years since we went there. My grandpa passed and my grandma was too frail to live there all by herself, so my uncle and my mum decided it would be best to just lock up the house and coax granny to... Continue Reading →

The Siren

The carving on the wall was so absolutely beautiful, breathtaking in fact. Akhil’s finger danced lightly over its raised contours as he marvelled at the incredible craftsmanship of people long gone, people of an entirely different era. He peered down at the figure of the woman chiselled on the stone, forever nameless and yet her... Continue Reading →

Circus of Hope

The circus came to town, riding on the back of annihilation. The hurricane had come and taken away lives and livelihoods. Despair and desolation had followed in its wake. But then the tents were pitched and the banners fluttered merrily. The colourful posters smiled back at the passersby.  Happiness and Hope spread like wildfire. The... Continue Reading →


There is a certain mesmerising beauty in harshness.The jagged edges, the unforgiving terrain, the absence of vegetation, hold a terrible appeal. They call it the 'suicide point', the name fitting with the long history of humans succumbing under the weight of their emotional baggage and taking the leap into nothingness. This disturbing account seems to sit... Continue Reading →

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