Mirror Mirror

Which way is up? And which way down? It puzzles me and confounds. Reflection. https://paperplanesndreams.wordpress.com/2016/05/27/194/



Fleeing wasn’t an option  Because you were right there Your eyes burning with your faith In me, and it cut deeper than a knife.  


I don’t remember how long I had sat there, The concrete wall against the curve of my spine. Its unyielding strength like a lover’s embrace, I had gazed unseeingly at the distant lights. “Are you even listening?” He had demanded peevishly. I had nodded absently and glanced down At the frayed hem of my black... Continue Reading →

Circus of Hope

The circus came to town, riding on the back of annihilation. The hurricane had come and taken away lives and livelihoods. Despair and desolation had followed in its wake. But then the tents were pitched and the banners fluttered merrily. The colourful posters smiled back at the passersby.  Happiness and Hope spread like wildfire. The... Continue Reading →

And if you look close enough. You will find the world in her eyes. Pedestrian she may be... But she dreams of Paradise.

On Boredom

I have something I wish to say A thing of import you ask? Nay Just a string of random nothings And a whole lot of incoherent mutterings Oh the idle mind is just lazy Slow , leisured and too hazy Almost as if in a drowsy stupor I dream dreams that will never be more... Continue Reading →

A Saga

They called her Beauty, And yet at first glance , she was anything but. Scars marred the perfection of her skin, Age sat in the wrinkles that crisscrossed all over her face. They called her Beauty. And she was exceptionally beautiful. The scars on her skin sang songs of survival. The wrinkles and laugh lines mapped... Continue Reading →

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