The Siren

The carving on the wall was so absolutely beautiful, breathtaking in fact. Akhil’s finger danced lightly over its raised contours as he marvelled at the incredible craftsmanship of people long gone, people of an entirely different era. He peered down at the figure of the woman chiselled on the stone, forever nameless and yet her... Continue Reading →



The boy edged backwards into the comfort of the darkness. Bruised and battered, he flinched as the uneven surface of the wall touched the welts on his back. Abdul sent a silent prayer to the heavens. Allah knows he couldn’t survive another beating. The light footsteps mocked him as they came closer and closer, taunting... Continue Reading →

Silent Apology

The wall had been a light blue. I fail to recall the exact shade, however, blue is the most likely… on second thoughts, maybe it had been green. No, not the green of the grass in Spring, this had a bluish hue in it, sea green I presume. I remember staring at the wall in... Continue Reading →

Stairway To…

From morn till night, she sits there on the steps as you pass her by. A frail and fragile body draped in an excuse of a sari, large eyes look from behind dark-rimmed prescription glasses that covers almost the entirety of her face. In your haste, you don’t give her a second glance, but she... Continue Reading →

Traffic Signal

A traffic signal, Red Light. Yellow headlights, crimson taillights, the smell of burnt petrol, sultry heat, sweat, the cacophony of horns, cry of street urchins and the noisy debate at the parliament in the trees... birds. I sit in that auto rickshaw, the seat vibrates under me, life in the non-living and the driver fiddles... Continue Reading →

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