I am Change.

Why do you want to change who you are? they asked. It is ironic because I am the definition of change. You might call me volatile or dynamic, it completely depends on you. I am not stagnant. If you plotted the highs and lows of my life it will probably resemble the stock market. However, one thing I am pretty confident about is that it is an upward rising curve.

Life isn’t a movie, or a game, nor does it have all its chapters arranged in a particular order. There aren’t any manuals, or tricks one can follow to ace it. It isn’t an exam or a race. The one thing you can be absolutely sure of in life is death; the rest is just all about who you want to become. By “who” I don’t mean aping a person but rather imbibing the qualities one wants to see in oneself.

We are not born with readymade personalities; we develop them over the years- each high and each low shapes our characters. We can either remain passive and lament all day about how fucked up our lives are, or we can do something about it- make little changes every single day so that one day we can stand before a mirror and say, “I am proud of you.”

So yes, I AM going to change who I am.  I am going to experiment and explore, and make mistakes. I am going to learn and teach and teach and learn. Because a teacher is also a student and a student is a teacher too. After all we are all works-in-progresse.


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