There is a certain mesmerising beauty in harshness.The jagged edges, the unforgiving terrain, the absence of vegetation, hold a terrible appeal. They call it the ‘suicide point’, the name fitting with the long history of humans succumbing under the weight of their emotional baggage and taking the leap into nothingness. This disturbing account seems to sit in the cracks and fissures of the mountain, like ornaments, somehow adding to the toxic attraction.

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    1. Thank You 🙂 Yes, I have always felt that sparseness has its own charm. We have this exotic term in Bengali for the place where the river meets the sea, its called ‘Mohona’. Water all around you and the absolute silence… Trust me you’ll weep at the loveliness of that nothing, especially at sundown.

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      1. Kinnaur has been high on my list. I would have loved to visit this month, but then…. 😦
        I know it’s beautiful, heard so much. I intend to stay 2-3 days in chitkul and do some day treks around. Thanks for another validation. 🙂
        Where are you based?

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