Fourteen billion years ago, there was a big bang, and the universe as we know it, came into existence. It is fascinating that those particles that existed since that very first explosion are what constitutes the corporal, are what constitutes us, humans. Seven billion people populating this planet, each of us made of the same base ingredients and yet we are so different. Seven billion minds, having infinite thoughts, every single moment, of every day; we may inhabit the same planet, but our worlds are vastly dissimilar, our thoughts unique, our perspectives our own.

Remember that film “The Matrix” where the populace has been hoodwinked into believing a reality which is entirely different from what is? How much of the reality we live in is real and how much of it fiction? Friedrich Nietzsche had opined, “There are no facts, only interpretations.” Since we are creatures who can think, we have the capability to question everything and anything and this is when life becomes an adventure. I recently watched this TED talk on “Lygometry”, it is a concept introduced by the speaker himself. Mr. Toofani defined Lygometry as quantifying things we know we do not know. This concept captivated me.

Why take things at face value? Why not delve deeper? Why do we not look at perfectly ordinary and mundane things and find mystery in them, find the extraordinary in them? If we repeat things too many times they lose their meanings. We become these mechanical beings, creatures of habit, who walk blindly through life. We thrive on what has been fed to us, what has been told, proved and what reason do we have to go against the flow and question the truth? What reason indeed, other than the fact that we have been given a mind of our own and this wonderful and extraordinary ability that is called Perspective?

Believe me, perspective is a powerful tool to overcome almost any problem in our lives. It is a case of the glass being half empty or half full. Or perhaps it is not even that, maybe it is about finding a story behind the glass being half full. Who filled it? Who drank it? Why did he drink only half the water in the glass? Did he even want a glass of water? He probably wanted a glass of wine but settled for water. Maybe it wasn’t a “he” but a “she”. I am rambling on I know and there is a fair chance you think my mind is muddled. But the point is, the ocean is not just plain blue, it has different hues of greens and blues, it reflects the sky above, it sparkles with the rays of the sun, and at high tide, it tries to reach the moon.

Everything and everyone has a story you just have to find it. There are five hundred different shades of grey in between black and white that the human eye can discern. Two hundred and fifty-six of them can be shown on a computer screen; a hundred and one of them are listed in the X Window System’s definition of grey and fifty of them are famous in popular culture. So the crux of the matter is that nothing is as it seems, it is all a case of how you look at it.

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