Life and Style

I have been struggling to write for a while now... months. I look at a blank piece of paper or a MS Word document and I freeze. All these millions of thoughts and emotions churning inside of me and I just cannot put them into words- I feel like I'll burst any moment from the... Continue Reading →


Looking down from the viewing tower Only remotely  wicked and wild thing was the jeep. #sufferedthesafari #wickedslow #wildlyboring But, I do love nature so it wasn't all a waste. The rain kept us huddled inside and they say there is no such thing as too green... or do they?

Without a Map

Recently I have developed a habit of just picking up my camera and going out on these unplanned photo walks- discovering new roads,streets and 'gallis'. The most wonderful aspect of street photography is all these people you see, people with these entire lifetimes and stories you have no knowledge about. Kids with eyes that have... Continue Reading →


Fleeing wasn’t an option  Because you were right there Your eyes burning with your faith In me, and it cut deeper than a knife.  

I am Change.

Why do you want to change who you are? they asked. It is ironic because I am the definition of change. You might call me volatile or dynamic, it completely depends on you. I am not stagnant. If you plotted the highs and lows of my life it will probably resemble the stock market. However,... Continue Reading →


I have always felt that I share a special affinity with Nature. So whenever I am upset or restless, I seek comfort in her. She soothes me like a mother, and fills me up with an overwhelming warmth of belonging, and at the same time empties me inside out, quite like that feeling one gets when... Continue Reading →

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